Texas Boys Basketball


Register for the 2023 Cream Of The Crop Camp

At Texasboysbasketball.com, regardless of our staff’s busy schedule, we make it a priority to host our annual Cream of The Crop Camp where we highlight the best young talent Texas has to offer. From Tyrese Maxey, De’Vion Harmon, Keyonte George, Jordan Walsh, Rylan Griffen & the list just goes on for the players that have participated in this event. We are excited for this year’s edition of the COC as we’ll get a look at the 2026,2027 & 2028 class in the state of Texas.

Just like last year, we will have full stats of all our games and a leader-board that will be posted online at the end of the event. Come in and get a chance to be evaluated by long-time grassroots scout & legend Alan Branch and Ani Umana of 5statehoopreport.

Link to register is right here: https://basketball.exposureevents.com/207544/cream-of-the-crop/registration