Texas Boys Basketball


TBB Day 1 & 2 Duncanville, TX

The second segment of the July evaluation period keeps college coaches scrambling for airports, rental cars and interstate highways. Once again the Lone Star state (TX) provided another quality option to be a destination for PLAYERS ! The Texas Boys Basketball staff of three got locked for the 1:45 pm start with the Urban DFW-Perkins vs. D1 Elite being the kickoff feature. The older 2017 guard tandem of Curshank and Starks was to much for one of the most talented 2018 groups in the country. Gerald Lidell 6’7″ wing, 2018, #9 ESPN national and top 3 Texas Boys Basketball, Rusell Barlow 6’9″ 4/5 top 10 TBB and 5 other top 20 TBB guys was clean look and good start. Day one of pool play we were able to see 26 teams for a half or more.

Top Performers:

– Fabian White (6’7″/2017/PF)

White continues to play at a high level on both sides of the ball. White utilized his length defensively and utilized his feet to create position early offensively. White’s aggression combined with his fundamentals and basketball IQ make him a tough cover for any opponent.

– Andrew Jones (6’4″/2016 CG)

Andrew has grown two inches and continue to prove the combo guard title from July 8th thru pool play July 17th back home in DFW. He is playing well but still showed crazy upside.

– Clevon Brown (6’7″/2016 PF)

Clevon was consist on both days of pool play the undersized PF showed flashes of a Quincey Acey clone.  The intelligent well spoken kid you get in the interview transforms to beast mode with developing feel and skill set.

– Jarrett Allen (6’10″/2016 4/5)

Allen continues his tear, proving game after game why TBB considers him the top player in the state of Texas. From step throughs to jump hooks and monster dunks Allen will make a coach very happy next year.

– Adrio Bailey (6’6″/2016 PF)

Bailey the very bouncy power forward continuously brought his high energy above the rim play every time he stepped on the court. Bailey finished some big time dunks.