Texas Boys Basketball


Tre White, Austin Nunez Headline Part 1 OF Our Cream of The Crop Analysis

School is underway but before we the players get out of summer mode and hit the books, we at Texasboysbasketball.com host our annual _ annual Cream of The Crop Camp for the rising 8th and 9th graders. This year’s edition of the camp showcased over 20 players that have a chance to be D1 prospects. We could be looking back at this class 3-4 years from now and be impressed how the players turned out.

Tre White, 2022 SG: A jumpshot is part of a player’s game that can be manufactured and for Tre White, he seemed to put in the work and developed a clean jumper. If an MVP honor was to be handed out, Tre would garner the award due to his stellar play on both days.

Austin Nunez, 2022 PG: Nunez got  a lot done in the games at the Cream of The Crop. Austin was a threat from deep but also showed the ability to finish in the lane with either hand. Nunez was the leading scorer in the Top 20 All Star Game and gets better everytime the staff sees him.

Chris Marshall, 2022 CG: Marshall is a top 5 talent in the 2022 class as Chris displayed his ability to score the ball and facilitate. Chris still needs to stay focused  but loaded with talent and feel for the game.  The Thurgood Marshall  freshmen could be the top guard in his class when it’s all said and done.

Rylan Griffin, 2022 SG:  Griffin has a high ceiling. One of “Alan Branch’s ___” Rylan possess the tools to be a impact player on both ends. He shot it well from three, finished with dunks in transition and made plays off the bounce.

CJ Ford, 2022 PG: Ford is a sound decision maker with the ball. He may not razzle-dazzle you with his play but he is productive and does a solid job managing the game. The guard will attend Duncanville and is looked highly upon to Head Coach David Peavy and the coaching staff.

Spencer Hutchinson, 2022 Wing: Hutchinson plays fast and in the open court he is a threat. During the games at the Cream of The Crop, Spencer got to the paint, finished through contact and was active defensively.

Christian Weddington, 2022 Wing: Weddington is explosive getting to the rim as the talented prospect going to Grapevine produced in each game he played. We like his energy, athleticism and developing skillset.

Dallas Hobbs, 2022 PG: Hobbs is shifty and is a threat to score the ball in bunches. Hobbs will need to continue getting other people around him better but he has shown strides in that department from a year ago and we will continue to keep track of his progress going forward.

Finley Bizjack, 2023 CG: There is a difference between shot takers and shot makers and Finley falls in the category of the latter. Bizjack in the Top 20 All Star Game connected on 3 trey balls that secured a win for his team. Bizjack more than held his own playing a grade up at the camp.

Arterio Morris, 2022 Wing: Morris got a lot done at the Cream Of The Crop. He found his teammates in stride on the break, finished in traffic and he contains a promising jumpshot. One of the top 10 players at the camp and has a chance to crack the top 10 in Texas.

Adam Stewart, 2020 C: Stewart is big and he possess a nice touch from 12 ft in. Stewart’s size is something you can’t teach and he continues to figure out how to play and be effective on the floor.

Outside The Top 20

Jacolb Cole, 2023 SF: Cole possess upside and talent that intrigued the staff. In flashes, Cole showcased his ability to knock down shots from the perimeter as he contains a promising scoring package.

Grant Kostos, 2022 PF: Grant has came a long way since last years edition of the Cream Of The Crop. He looked more comfortable on the floor – confident of his abilities as he was effective in the paint, rebounding and being physical.