Texas Boys Basketball

Who Got Next? Cream Of The Crop Analysis

Cream Of The Crop packs a plethora of the players that we’re nationally coveted prospects that participated in the camp before spending a day in high school. From Oklahoma’s De’Vion Harmon, Louisville’s Samuell Williamson, Kansas commit Tre White, national 2022 prospect Keyonte George & the list goes on. So who’s next? Heres our super early take below.

RJ Jones, 2023 SG – Braswell HS: Was a pup last yr at the Cream Of The Crop as an 8th grader but now took the lead as one of the top prospects in this year’s edition. Scored off the bounce and has promising positional size.

KJ McDaniels, 2023 Wing – Lake Hamilton (AR): Lefty with smooth shooting stroke. McDaniels has the tools of becoming a prospect a high-end D1 school would covet.

Darkaun King, 2023 PF – FW OD Wyatt: We’ve been keeping tabs on Darkaun for a while now. Versatile skillset, good size & strong bloodlines.

Finley Bizjack, 2023 SG – Byron Nelson: Strong isolation scorer with quick trigger. Finley continues to add to his offensive repertoire.

Jeff Kirven, 2024 SG – FW Dunbar: Long, active guard that can fill the stat sheet. Secondary ballhandler that has promising playmaking capabilities.

Levi Rutledge, 2023 SF – Cedar Park: Solid IQ & and good size for position at his age. Levi plays within the flow of offense & makes plays utilizing length.

Francis Chukwudebelu, 2025 C – Drive Nation: Big-time size and length. Only a 7th grader, Francis holds strong shot-blocking instincts as he’s furnished with the tools of becoming one of the top players in the country with proper development.

Drew Steffe, 2023 SG – Frisco Memorial: Has a clean shooting stroke but has made strides as a side pick & roll operator. Another prospect with strong basketball bloodlines.

Dean Balo, 2023 PG- JJ Pearce:  Effective with the ball in his hands. Shoots it off the bounce, advances the ball & probes with the ball in his hands.

Liam McNeeley, 2024 Wing – Richardson North: Good positional size packed with an array of skills. Liam was a consistent impact player in the Camp games.

Hilton Harris, 2023 Wing – Cypress Creek: Packs a strong frame and uses overall athleticism to finish around the rim. An open court ball handler that really impressed the staff.

Jackson Ford, 2024 PF – Drive Nation: Hardworking forward that’s a problem on the block. Shown ability to finish with either hand and rebound out of area.

Femi Olanyen, 2023 CG- Allen: Speaking of hard-workers, Femi is a gritty guard that gets to spots. Edgy, equipped with promising positional size & rebounds well for position.


Got A Chance

Tyree Graves, 2023 PG – FW Dunbar

Deontrell Barrett, 2024 PG – Faith Family

Rusten Griffen, 2023 Wing – Richardson

Warren Durham, 2024 PF – Kennemer

Riley Shore, 2023 SF – Homeschool

Thomas Hunt, 2024 -JL Long

Nyout Arop, 2023 CF – Chisolm Trail

Jaylen Benard, 2023 – Summer Creek