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Stat/Player Breakdown From Cream Of The Crop Dallas

It’s been a while since we had our Dallas Cream of The Crop Camp and it was good to be back in the DFW to host it once again for the classes of 2025, 2026 & 2027. In this recap we will breakdown the top 5 players from the main stat categories. Lets dive in.



1. Trent Perry-TCU  14.0
2. AJ McPeters-Texas  13.7
3. David Iweze-Houston  13.0
4. Trent Bowers-Baylor 11.7
5. Seven Spurlock-Houston  11.0
5. Kensington Candler-TCU  11.0


The Breakdown

2026 Trent Perry was arguably the best player at the camp. With long arms, wide shoulder width and holds a array of skill and athletic tools. He thrived in transition as a finisher but also was impactful in the half-court utilizing his size, quick first step and length to finish in traffic but also rise up and shoot over defenders. 2025 AJ McPeters comes in second scoring 13.7 ppg in three contests. He has a strong frame, high basketball feel and can make  perimeter shots when given space. Big fella David Iweze is a rising sophomore with a physical profile that stands out. Long arms, a frame you can add muscle to and he looks to not be done growing. Iweze was impactful inside as a finisher and rebounder but also showed ability to face-up and make shots from 15ft out when open. Trent Bowers was impressive on Sunday. He showed a nice in-between game, and can drive with either hand effectively to get to his spots to score.

Two players tied for 5th at 11ppg with 2026 Seven Spurlock and Kensington Candler. Spurlock may have had the best overall stats from anybody at the camp but in regards to scoring the lefty pg got wherever he wanted on the court and used his broad frame to embrace contact and score on a consistent basis. Candler was effective on the perimeter, shooting the basketball. Quick off the dribble, long arms for size allows him to finish vs length and was able to push the pace and score in transition.



1. David Iweze-Houston  7.3
2. Brayden Brown-Texas  7.0
3. Kaden Adams-Houston 6.0
4. Steve McLeod-Baylor  5.3
5. Will Saunders-Baylor 4.7
-5. Seven Spurlock-Houston 4.7
-5. Kensington Candler-TCU 4.7
6. Jamel Ward-Houston 4.3



The Breakdown

Told you Iweze made his impact on the glass. He has the ability to rebound out of his area and his length allows him to capture the ball at a height others can’t. Although his motor does need to be consistent, when locked in Iweze made his presence known on the glass. I love Brayden’s activity. Plays hard and can make a basketball play without the ball being in his hands. He just goes and gets it off the rim and finishes. Kaiden was one of the top performers in the camp. A burly rising sophomore guard that plays with a high motor. He mastered the grab and go at the Cream of The Crop which allowed him to nab a rebound and push it end to end and score at the rim. McLeod is a wing prospect that hunted for rebounds. Liked that he could seize a rebound and start the offense from time to time. His activity on both ends was noted by our staff.

3 players tied for 5th and one of them was 2025 Will Saunders who is someone that intrigues me. The Highland Park wing/forward has a promising offensive skillset with his size and plus shooting but showed some grit on the glass. Saw him be physical in order to get a rebound and will go for offensive rebounds to get 2nd chance opportunities for his team. Mirroring the PPG numbers, Seven Spurlock and Kensington Candler tied with 4.7rpg as well. Seven pushed the tempo when he secured a rebound and so did Candler which allowed them to give their team numbers in transition opportunities. Jamel Ward from Royce City is a high flying wing that skies from one end to the other. He used his athleticism to nab rebounds and finish above the rim in the open court.



1. Jacob Herndon-Baylor 3.7
2. Zayd Taylor-Texas  3.0
-2. Seven Spurlock-Houston 3.0
4. David Iweze-Houston  2.7
5. Kensington Candler-TCU 2.3


2026 Jacob Herndon led the camp in assists as he showed his plus passing feel in transition finding the open man, in the half-court situation getting to the paint and kicking the ball out and also showed flashes of threading the needle on passes as well. Liked how Zayd Taylor commanded the floor. Great at setting the table, getting the ball for teammates to score and fantastic on ball screens as a scorer and facilitator. Seven sees his name again, but now with his assist stats. Him garnering so much attention with the ball in his hands allowed others to be open and Spurlock was able to find them quickly. Same thing with Iweze. He was able to find his teammates cutting to the basket and find the open man from three when he operated with his back to the basket from the block. Kensington was able to start breaks and get the ball to his teammates running the lanes which subsequently led to easy finishes.


Field Goal %

1. Richard Aguilar-Texas .7 5 0
2. David Iweze-Houston .6 6 7
3. Drew Smith-Texas  .6 1 1
4. Trent Perry-TCU .5 7 6
5. Patrick Daniels-Texas  .5 7 1
-5. Josh Herndon-Houston .5 7 1


2025 Richard Aguilar was a standout from the camp. The quick guard from Irving got to his spots, showed nice touch with floater game and connected from deep when open. Iweze’s shooting numbers come with no surprise as majority of his shots came from in the paint. Utilizing his length and athleticism to finish efficiently in traffic. 2025 Drew Smith has had a solid summer and came to the Cream of The Crop with multiple efficient performances. Shooting over 60% from the field, Drew got to the paint and scored with an array of finishes.  Also showed sound footwork and touch getting into his midrange game but more importantly was smart with his shot selection. Trent got to whatever shot he wanted and albeit settling in the latter games he used his physical attributes plus his sound skillset to score in multiple ways. I’m intrigued by 2026 Patrick Daniels. Wiry slashing guard that has a solid feel for the game. He was smart with his shot selection and showed a nice shooting stroke when attempting threes off the catch. Herndon, who led the camp in assist per game also was effective as a scorer, him being able to balance scoring/facilitating allowed him to manipulate the defense some.


Other Notable Stats

2025 Zayd Taylor avg. 3.7 steals per game as he’s a pest on the defensive end, showing great instincts as an on-ball defender and playing the passing lanes.

2025 David Iweze avg. 2 blocks per game as he used his length to alter/block shots coming from inside.

Other Notable Players


JP Rainer

Brayden Brown


Parker Hughston

Onie Lewis

Jay Miles

Aiden Quado


Tay Woodard


Cire Mobley