Texas Boys Basketball


Cream of The Crop Top 5

2026 Seven Spurlock

11pts 4.7rebs 3asts

Big guard prospect with a thicker frame. Lefty combo that holds advanced passing vision for age. Was ranked top 5 in the camp in points, rebounds & assists per game. Shooting numbers weren’t great as he didnt convert a three pointer and shot just 41% from the field.

2025 David Iweze

13pts 7.3rebs 2blks 2.6asts

Young front court prospect that was the best forward in the camp. Good size, long arms and holds promising perimeter skills for his height. When his motor was on, he was the most dominate player on the court due to his impact on both ends. Still needs to put it all together but David will be a prospect Power 5 Programs will make a priority when the time comes.

Trent Perry

14pts 4rebs 2asts 57% shooting

An athletic wing with plus length and adequate ball-skills. Thrived in transition and the open court as a ballhandler and finisher. Really attacked the rim and showed off a promising stop and pop game. Was the overall MVP of the camp and arguably the best player in his class.


2026 Kensington Candler

11pts 4.7rebs 2.3asts

A wiry guard that brings a lot to the table. Rebounds well for position, good passer feel and someone that can create space off the bounce and score. Plays hard and will make winning basketball plays. Effort plus skill put him in the top 5 categorically.


2025 AJ McPeters

13.7pts 3.7rebs 54% shooting 38% from three

AJ was very solid at the Cream Of The Crop. Bigger body wing that’s fundamentally sound and knows how to play. Was very good 15ft in as he faced up and made jumpers, kept defenders off-balance with pump-fakes and step-throughs but also showed his ability to make threes off step-backs.  He doesn’t hold much burst off the bounce but compensated that with IQ and an understanding of attacking angles.