Texas Boys Basketball


David’sThoughts: Duel in DFW Notes

The Circuit presented another great event with Duel In DFW this weekend, and there’s no question that it had a bunch of great 

One specific team I saw that took part in two quality games was TJ Ford 17U. One player to know from the talented group that’s having a buzzing summer is John Clark (2025 6-7 F), a young prospect that’s playing up.. showed relentless effort for second chance points on numerous occasions. Clark also has shooting ability and is a player to track going into junior year of HS. 

TJ Ford has a strong team

One of the most promising players in the whole event was Robert Miller (2024 6-11 F). A prospect that has a chance of being special. His timing was precise on rebounds and blocks, he dribbled the basketball comfortably down the floor as he constructed plays for himself and others. He gets by defenders with quickness from the perimeter and flushes the ball with authority. A player that undoubtedly holds his own is TJ Ford JR (2023 5-10 PG), an electrifying player that had a solid weekend. He showcased his lightning quick speed to get paint touches and finish over translatebale length. He also showed capability of knocking down an open three point shot.

Also wanted to highlight Jayden Gambrel (2024 6’4 SG). Shoots it from deep. Is a dependable secondary ball-handler that has consistently produced this spring travel ball period.

Flemings holds his own with SA Future

One player that really stood out for SA Future was Kingston Flemings (2025 6-3 PG). He’s a high-level basketball player that demanded double teams when he had the ball in his hands. He shot it from deep as the speed of his release has sped up over the past year. His blend of positional size, length, shooting and playmaking puts him in the category in the best guard of his class.

Cam Cowgill (2025 6’2 SG), Fleming’s back-court mate, had a strong showing as well for SA Future. His three point shooting prowess adds spacing for his teammates to operate but Cam also showed ability to attack closeouts and knockdown mid-range jumpers.

Main Attraction: Cooper Flagg

Everybody in the building wanted to get a glance at one of the highly touted super Sophomores in the country in Maine United’s Cooper Flagg (2025 6’9 F). Flagg played hard on both ends & altered what seemed like every shot. He showcased his ability to see the floor and make decisions as well as displaying a multidimensional offensive game. 

Younger brother of Cooper, Ace Flagg (2025 6’6 SF) has a lot of ability too. A wing with good size that can space the floor. Ace has a nose for the ball as he seemed to gain possession of the 50/50 opportunities and miss shots. Offensively, he moves well off the ball which allows himself to be open on cuts.

Team Trae Young 3SSB 17U has various prospects 

Ketraleus Aldridge (2023 6’4 G) displayed a plethora of strong finishes at the basket when it mattered for his team, including layups and dunks. Aldridge played through contact on his dribble drives, and finished well. Carlsheon Young (2025 6’5 G) knocked down a lot of 3s. Contested or slightly open, there was a good chance he would make his shots. He also included the game winning shot vs TJ Ford Saturday morning.

Faith Family 2023 4A UIL Texas state champion Doryan Onwuchekwa (2024 6-11 F) of Trae Young has been impressive every game I saw him. He displayed quick & polished footwork, & strength.. as well as converting ability inside where he uses his strong body well to score over an opponent. He’s very skilled & can spread the floor. He also had his hand on numerous opponents shots.  Another Team Trae Young standout is Dillon Battie (2024 6-8 F). Battie got to the basket with urgency and had physical moves and showcased his finishing ability. Big-time jumper as he dunked the ball with authority throughout the game & displayed some mid-range and floater game, as well as good instincts

Beast Up Basketball 17U has two 2024 prospects that impressed this weekend

For the Beast Up group, Keiton Bristow (2024 6-8 W) is a prospect worth knowing in the class. He displayed a really good looking outside shot. He also took the ball coast to coast multiple times. Lengthy, good athlete that continues to improve. Chuks Ejiofor (2024 6-7 F) showcased strong rebounding and finishing all weekend. Very good athlete that finishes well and displays some polished post work. Showed some perimeter skills as well. 

Big thanks again to The Circuit’s staff for having us at Duel in DFW, truly a great event that included a ton of games with high-level teams and players.

“One Dream, One Team” – Kade Douglas Shines

One dream, one team is all but lost in today’s cultures. Kade Douglas is the proof in the pudding that if you can shoot you can play. If committed to a process, a culture of toughness, basketball IQ and the right people, good things happen.

We in the business of youth, collegiate, professional basketball can take a page from the book Kade is writing. The Lancaster Tiger and Urban DFW Elite programs are built on the foundation of hard work, competing and winning. It doesn’t hurt that he sleeps under the roof with one of the best in the business Head Coach Ferrin Douglass (Lancaster High School). It is not a great surprise that he has decided to stay in the DFW Metroplex.

Head Coach Greg Young (University of Texas at Arlington) is committed to the home town talent, he gets it and looking to continue building something special for DFW area. Kade has informed me that he is continuing his education and playing career at the University of Texas at Arlington. From my (Alan Branch’s) vantage point this is one of those good deals where all parties win. This all being said there could be some unfinished UIL business in Lancaster, TX. Kade’s leadership and commitment is infectious and could play a major role in completing the task. Good luck and GOD bless from one of the communities favorites (Go Tigers).

Southwest Cream of the Crop Camp 2026-28

Roughly  50 kids participated in this past Saturday to put their skills to work at the annual Cream of the Crop.

This event has historically had some of the top talent around the state in attendance.

An opportunity to see the up and coming prospects in the classes of 2026 through 2028.

Here is a list of some the prospects who stood out:


Mayson Thomas– Have had a chance to see him recently in multiple settings and every time he shows improvement. Coming in with a HS ready body, he is advancing his game off the dribble making good reads to set up others or himself to score. He is physical on both ends showing the ability to play through contact when getting by defenders and finish and on the opposite end showing that he can get stops and rebound. Will be an immediate contributor next year in High School at Pieper.

Logan Gonzales- came in a bit late from his Middle School games earlier in the day, but showed right away he was warmed up and ready to go. Logan has perforned well in previous Cream of the Crop camps and he didn’t let up this go around. Has a nice stroke from multiple spots on the floor with plenty range. Doesn’t shy away from contact and won’t hesitate to dish it out. Very heady player who picks his spots well when to attack. Unselfish, hardworking kid. He too continues to show improvement in areas each time out.

Talon Todd- Can really shoot the basketball. Varsity level stroke with range. Very efficient. A kid you can’t leave. Not 1 dimensional, Has nice handle , good footwork with ability to get downhill and create for others. The lefty will instantly carve out a role next season in HS due to his shot making and ability to create for others as well. YES he is that good.

Trey Clark- He too came in after a couple of Middle School scrimmages and you can see the potential he is oozing with right away. Very Long kid. Standing close to 6’5 already. Playing with good bounce rebounding the ball and shooting over the top of defenders. Maturing on the fly. Showing he can put it on the floor attacking defenders and making good decisions. Very intriguing prospect moving forward. Brings some athleticism to the table as well. Player on the rise.

Ian Joshua- Young man has a really good feel on how to play. Savvy pg with good court awareness and vision. Understands angles and how to attack defenders to get by and get his shot off. 3 point range was on display as well for this young man. Plays with a lot of confidence.

Donovan Criss- was slowed a bit by a foot injury but he was still able to show his ability to make plays. Cat quick off the dribble, can get to his spots and lift up and make shots. Solid handle, creative in getting separation to get good looks. Can really score it.

Jaylen Redd Crittendon- kid who doesn’t shy away from the moment. Aggressive shot taker. Gets to his spots and lets it go. Quick off the dribble and handles it with confidence. Ability to put pressure on defenders was on display.

Xander Greyling- a pleasant surprise to see this young man. Good size and uses it well around the rim. Understands angles and how to score the ball on the interior. Good rebounder and passer. Solid player who players with a good basketball IQ.

Maxwell Docktor – Really good looking kid with some potential to become a real solid prospect. Has good length and plays the game with a good feel. Can put it on the floor and create as well as know down shots from the perimeter. Plays with a good bounce.

DJ Miller- Displayed good footwork and handle. Good feel for the game. Was solid in shooting drills knocking down shots with good form. It transferred over to game play of him as well. Good player.

Shae McCarty- Did some good things in drils and game play. Good motor, aggressive when attempting to make plays. Showed he can score the ball several ways. Plays with good instincts.

Damien Ramierz – another young man who came in after his middle school games and was ready to go. Plays with a high motor and very aggressive on both ends; physical. Was solid putting it on the floor and attacking defenders. Hit shots from perimeter showing that he can be a balanced scorer.

Armon Francis – plays with a lot of confidence, skill and feel. Sees the floor well and makes plays. Has some good size and intangibles to be successful at this game. Good court awareness and knowledge of how to score the ball effectively and get others involved.

Tyme Todd – solid frame and it helps him as he is a kid who showed likes to get downhill and make plays. Was ok in drills shooting it. During game action he showed handle and ability to score it some in traffic with guys hanging on him.

Aaron Adejobi- very aggressive. Was strong on both ends of the floor. Showed he has good leadership skills on the floor and understands how to get his teammates involved. Was string getting to the rim at times.

Jason Vidaurri- Really high IQ and feel for the game. Can score it on his own efficiently and get others involved. Plays with a competitive edge; makes winning plays

Kaleb Smith – Several players from Tejeda Middle School stood out and this one was on the same page as the others. Solid in drill work and game play. Plays with a good pace and feel. Can score the ball multiple ways

Austin Richie- Smart and savvy player who knows how to get his shot off. Shoots it clean and has good footwork to compliment his shot.

Jordan Mangum – plays the game with a chip. Aggressive on both ends. Skilled when his putting it on the lfoor and attacking defenders. Finished at the rim several times. Was willing to compete defensively as well.

Gerald O Neal – Responded well to the coaches and the task they gave him in drills. Showed good footwork, handle and ability to put the ball in the basket, Competes defensively and for rebounds. Good feel and showed some creativity at times

Jace Tolliver – Heady player who has good court vision and awareness. Gets others involved, has good handle and understanding of what he doing with the ball. Showed he can knock down shots from the perimeter as well.

Phillip Prather- Aggressive in the open floor and in the half court. Willing to attack defenders on the catch . Has a variety of moves to put himself in position to score.

Jaaden Johnson –Good size and build for his age and uses it to his advantage. Will get after you on both ends of the floor. Plays with and understanding of how to attack at the rim. Good form on mid range shots.

Sabastian Lujan – Smart heady player who knows what to do and how to get it done. Did a good job throughout the day seeing the floor, passing and shooting it.

Fernando Esquivel- court vision and handle was on display. Solid. Showed strong leadership skiils and ability to get guys the ball where they need it to be effective.

Charles Ford – Did a good job during drills and it transferred over into game play. Shot the ball ok from mid range. Did a good job on the interior on both ends scoring some and defending.

Anthony Randolph –Guard who competed hard on both ends . Showed toughness defensively, Does a decent job offensively making the right plays

JJ Salters –very confident in his ability. Doesn’t back down. Did some good things in transtion with the ball. Showed he likes to play on the defensive end as well. One of the better communicators in camp.

Eden Jackson- Vale Middle School has a good one in Eden. Was very efficient with his time on the floor. Effective scoring the ball or setting the table for others to deliver.

Dylan Foster- Scrappy and hard nosed. Was eager to shut down opponents best player in game play. Very aggressive. Also made good decisions offensively getting others involved

Euriah Rodriguez- Floor general. Saw him several times positioning guys to make plays. Was very vocal leading his team on and off the floor. Was solid in drill action as well.

Tim Springer Jr. – Good footwork and shooting form on display with this one. Can tell he has been coached up. Smart, moved well without the ball, took good shots in game play as was effective. Good IQ and awareness as to what was going on.

Noah Viera- Love when kids come to camp and make plays playing the the right way. Noah was that guy who made good reads and made plays for himself and others. Unselfish.

Braylon Taylor- good player who can get it done in a variety of ways. Showed he can adapt and take coaching.

Evan Balboa – Unselfish player who has a knack for for seeing guys and getting it to them to finish. Good court vision. Good ball handler

Richard Guerra- Tough and hard nosed. Does a lot of the little things that translate to winning basketbal. Can score the ball effectively as well.